Why create new keystore?

A: Android book app maker develops keystore file to save your self-sign APP Digital Cerification (private key). All Android Market only support one format: APP. No matter you are a professional programmer, or code layman, must obtain a approving self-sign before plan to create book apps. With digital signature (Location and password) in keystore, you can begin to build apps. Finally I have to tell you that one app must have one Digital Cetification.

Create Keystore:

  1. 1 After all actions about creating new book , chapters, editing content, etc, you can click icon build app icon to start to generate eBook app;
  2. 2 On pop-up window, check the checkbox: "create new keystore", click "Next";create new keystore
  3. 3 Browse a directory to save and name the keystore, form tail noted by read asterisk is required and the rest 6 forms, you must enter one like above illustration;
  4. 4 Click "Next", and one keystore has been created you can begin to create book app now.
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