Make eBook app without programming?

A: Android book app maker (Download) enable you to create eBook apps with no programming skills. Anyone use it can make money from selling the eBook apps or Admob ads. More details follow steps below:

  1. 1 Click icon add new book icon, enter book basic information: book icon, cover, default display config, etc;

  2. 2 Click icon import text files iconto add some text files, recort, name or encode them and then convert them into chapters;
  3. 3 Add new, insert, remove, clear all, move up/down chapters chapter tools;

  4. 4 Edit content with built-in editing tools edit text tool icons;

  5. 5 Start building eBook app: click icon build book apps, create a new keystore for Android digital certificate;

  6. 6 Uncheck "Embedding ads in application" to create book without ads embedded;

  7. 7 An apk file created, you could test on Android-powered system.

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