We convert Le Rouge et le Noir (The Red and the Black) to Android book app for Android-powered devices reading portably. Once install it in your Android, you can flip, search, index smartly, to your surprise, you can obtain the detailed information about the author such as email, address, publishing house, blog, etc. This famous book written in 1830, by Stendhal, is a historical psychological novel in two volumes, chronicling a provincial young man’s attempts to socially rise beyond his plebeian upbringing with a combination of talent and hard work, deception and hypocrisy — yet who ultimately allows his passions to betray him.

For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/win7
Need JRE or JDK

Free Download Android magazine app maker 1.6.1

I. About Product:

Turn PDF or image files into Android apk.

Define app icons, application name, package prefx, package name, version code, version name, etc (Package prefix and name will be integrated as the app's unique ID which android markets and android-powered devices can recognize).

Move pages up or down to sort them.

Page preview funciotn enables you to zoom pages in/out to check it more clearly.

Save current PDF or image pages list as XML file, when needed, you can quick load it to continue editing.

Export/Import magazines as projects to continue editing in future ot in different computer.

Create keystore for android digital certificate.

Add Admob ads into Android magazine apps.

II. About Magazine App:

With the Magazine APP created, the readers will be able to:

Read your magazine offline after install it.

Click previous and next button to flip page.

On the magazine top edge show the reading process bar to tell you where do you achieve.

Zoom in/out by clicking the zooming buttons or more touch.

Press and slide corner to flip page.

Slight click the center of screen to browse in full screen.

Read some ads if the book is embedded Admob ads.

Please view below screenshots of Red and Black which has been installed and ran in Android devices.

1 The standard cover of Red and Black.

Red and Black cover

2 The standard page flipping effect, you can drap corner to any direction.

Red and Black android app standard interface

3 The fullscreen effect.

Red and Black full screen

4 Note the top icon of sound, I click it to shut it down so that turn off the flipping sound.

Turn the sound of flipping down

Free fownload and install this free android book app

Examples made with Android Magazne App Maker in Android Market

You can download the example apps with your android device from Android Market. Or search "appmk" in Android Market to see more examples.

example of Andriod Magazine App Maker
China Hottest Spot 2010
















Video Tutorial

Android book app maker tutorial vedio

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